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Marbleizing is a process in which you float paint pigments on top of carrageenan solution, called a “size,” and then use a piece of paper or fabric to pick up those floating pigments. Every piece of marbled paper is different because of the organic way the pigment floats and can be manipulated across the size.

Calm anxiety with ebru art

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I am always cautious when the topic is mental health. False hopes, fake news, and wrong remedies cause a lot of harm and impact our healing journey negatively. However, I always felt the therapeutic effects of water-marbling as an ebru practitioner. I got very excited when I came across this article in the Journal of Human Sciences. I wanted to share with you that now it is official! Science proved that ebru can help fight anxiety.

Impact of marbling art therapy activities on the anxiety levels of psychiatric patients

  • Latife Utaş AkhanBulent Ecevit University
  • Nuray AtasoyBulent Ecevit University

Keywords: Marbling, Art Therapy, Psychiatric Patients, Anxiety


Purpose: Study was conducted to explore the impact of marbling art therapy on the anxiety levels of patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Methods: Data for the study were at a university hospital and in the psychiatric service,polyclinic of a State Hospital with 34 patients diagnosed with schizophrenia and 34 patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Investigations were carried out with study groups and a control group.

Findings:Following marbling, it was found that there were significant decreases in the PANSS negative, in the positive, general psychopathology in terms of the scores of the group of schizophrenia patients  and in the BAI scores of patients with bipolar disorder.There was no significant difference in the BAI scores of the control group.

Clinical relevance:The study showed that the method of marbling therapy led to improvements in the negative and positive symptoms of schizophrenic patients and in both patient groups, it contributed to decreasing levels of anxiety.

For the whole PDF text of this research please check the link below:

Everything about ebru

During the 5 hour filming, I shared the history, philosophy and the technique of Turkish style water-marbling, ebru. I marbled paper, using traditional earth pigments. I also demonstrated how to marble silk, paper mache, cotton, canvas, and wood.

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Another falling in love with Ebru story!


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Here is a beautiful Ebru video from a Lonely Planet traveler. Well Done Macca !!:)

Learning the Ancient Art of Ebru, Paper Marbling