Distant Learning:)

danebru1-300x201Yesterday I gave my last Ebru workshop before I fly to Turkey on 20th of June. It was like a clear, bright window to me amongst the busy days. I like it very much when people tell me that they really enjoyed the workshop and they wish to do it again. Sometimes they buy the Ebru kit and try to do it at home. I give guidance to the ones who want to do Ebru by themselves in Perth. However I also do distant teaching. My wonderful student, Daniel from NSW, hadn’t done any marbling before when he wrote to me.

danebru2-300x214We just communicated through e-mails and I sent him all the materials. I am proud to share what he has done just by himself. Well-done Daniel, I can see an Ebru master is about to be born in NSW.


7 thoughts on “Distant Learning:)

  1. You mentioned you have a silk marbling or Ebru kit, can you advise what is in it, how much does it cost and the cost of sending it to Brisbane. I am very interrested in learning.


  2. Hi,

    I am thinking of booking a place for my daughter in paper marbling class; However, is there an age limit as my daughter will turn 7 this august. I feel it is bit too much for her to understand the preparing the bath and preparing paper.



  3. Hello, I have just recently come across this wonderful art form and interested in learning. However I live in Queensland, are there any workshops you know of here or can I learn over the internet. Thank you, Diane

    1. Hi Diane,
      I am afraid i do not know anyone in Queensland doing this art. I can give you online lessons via Internet after you got some materials if you wish but a face-to-face lesson is much better, so you make your research and let me know if it is the only option.

  4. Hi Vesile,
    I am Tamalika from kolkata,India.I am dying to learn ebru art..Is it possible for you to give online lessons?if at all, would you please mention the cost involved including materials?I shall remain ever grateful..
    with regards

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