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I was born in Turkey. That is where I learned about this rare form of art! I lived in Australia for quite a while and discovered the universal language of art by teaching Ebru to people of all ages.  In 2018, we moved to the United States. Now, I am learning to survive cold winters of  Wisconsin !!!  I am sure it will be wonderful in summer :)

A Montessori teacher and mom to two, I find peace experimenting with Ebru and look forward to teaching more people about this special form of art.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about workshops, online lessons, buying Ebru materials or anything about Traditional Turkish Water Marbling.


Artist Bio / Statement
Vesile Yilmaz is a professional EBRU artist and instructor based in Brookfield, WI.
Turkish art of Ebru, (otherwise known as water-marbling) is a critically endangered heritage craft which is taken under protection by UNESCO in 2014 as one of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Vesile stumbled onto Ebru when she was studying to be an ESL teacher in Istanbul. She completed 2 Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Education but her heart has always gravitated towards the art of Ebru. Following the tradition of master-apprentice method, Vesile learned philosophy and technique of this art in its cradle, Istanbul, from some best teachers.
“I have always loved the arts but I simply was too afraid to have it a go. Ebru helped me to discover the artist in me.”
When they moved from Istanbul to Australia in 2012, Vesile decided to pursue her dream and started her art business in Australia. Soon, the mesmerizing beauty of the floating colors attracted the interest of the art therapists, bookbinders and many art enthusiasts from all different backgrounds. She taught this art at schools, art centers, and community centers. Her marbled products and artwork were commissioned in museum gift shops and art galleries in Perth. She performed live Ebru show at the Parliament House of Western Australia for MPs and took part in collective exhibits. An opportunity brought them to the USA and now she is sharing this rare form art with the art-lovers in America.
As an educator, Vesile’s passion is to transfer this craft to new generations. This unique form of aqueous surface design was kept as a secret for many centuries since it was only used for official documents to prevent forgeries. Now it has been discovered again. She believes that the stunning patterns and endless color combinations afforded by Ebru breaks the barriers and lets your imagination guide you.
“Each Ebru is unique, just like fingerprints. Regardless of skill level, every student makes their very own, original artwork. There is not a right or wrong way to do Ebru. Because you are painting on the water, the unpredictable nature of this art helps you produce beautiful abstract designs and it takes out the stress of representing objects in the real world.  What you think is a mistake may give you a chance to do something different. A great confidence builder for students who think they can’t do any art!”
Letting the size organize the creative process frees art-making from directed thinking and expectations and allows the individual personality to come through.
“Students describe the experience of manipulating floating colors with a stylus as magic. This is an alternative way of thinking and creating.”
Past Activities and Workshops
2012-2013 Mandjar Markets, live Ebru demonstration, Mandurah
2013 February- WA Guild of Bookbinders, Ebru workshop, Perth
2013 February- Perth City Farm, Holiday Vacation Program, Ebru workshop, Perth
2013 March – WA Guild of Bookbinders, Ebru workshop, Perth
2013 March- Riverside Primary School, “Ebru on Ceramic Tile”, Mandurah
2013 April- Falcon Spinners Club, “Ebru on Silk”, Falcon
2013 April- Perth City Farm, Holiday Vacation Program, Ebru workshop, Perth
2013 April – Perth City Farm Ebru workshop for adults, Perth
2013 April- June – Fountain College, “Introduction to Ebru” series of workshops (6 weeks), Perth
2013 June – Rostrata Primary School, Ebru workshop, Perth
2013 June- Marbling Art Studio, Ebru workshop, Perth
2013 August- Live Ebru Show at WA Parliament for MPs.
2013 August – Marbling Art Studio, Ebru on Silk, Perth
2013 September – Preston Street Artspace – Inception: Group Exhibition
2013 October- Victoria Park Art Gallery – Group Exhibition
2014 March – Fremantle Arts Centre – Ebru Workshop
2014 June – Fremantle Arts Centre – Ebru Workshop
2014 August – The City of Stirling (Mind Your Arts Program ) – Ebru Workshop
2014 September – Araluen Botanical Park  (Tulip Festival, opening show) – Live Ebru Demonstration
2015 May- Fremantle Arts Centre Ebru Workshop
2015 November- Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Ebru Workshop
2016 February – Fremantle Arts Centre, Ebru Workshop
2017 Jan- December – Private lessons and group sessions for Art Therapists
2018 – We moved to the USA!
2018- August – Introduction to Ebru for Adults at Milwaukee Public Library Central Branch
2018 – November – Introduction to Ebru for Children at Milwaukee Public Library Central Branch
2019- March – Ebru Workshop at Brookfield Public Library
2019- May- Ebru at Swansonfest
2019- June – Ebru Workshop at Milwaukee Public Library Villard Square Branch

2019- June – Ebru presentation at Riverwest Artist Association,

2019- September- Milwaukee PBS filming for “The Arts Page”

2019- October- Ebru workshop at Butler Library

2019- October – Ebru workshop at Menomonee Falls Library

2019- October – 6 weeks ebru course at MIAD

2019- December – One day intensive ebru workshop at Sharon Lynne Wilson Arts Center

2019- December – One week – Artist in Residence – Dixon Elementary School

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  1. Hello,

    Can you please provide me with an email address so I can send an invite to hold a stall at a City of Canning event.

    Kind regards,
    Kelsie Koontz

  2. Good morning Vesile,
    I have just stumbled upon your website today and am interested in attending one of your classes. Unfortunately i see I am too late for the fremantle Arts class held in may – can you kindly email me with details of any upcoming classes, please? many thanks and warm regards.

  3. Please can you keep me informed about dates for 2016 workshops.
    I am willing to possibly travel to Fremantle from Adelaide to attend one.
    Warm regards

  4. Hello,
    I have just stumbled across Ebru and am captivated. Am a mother of two small boys in Perth and an Art Therapist, returning to the field . . . and I would love to learn Ebru from you if possible.
    I hope to come to your next workshop. Many thanks

    warm regards

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